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Pure Spirulina

Additional algae varieties are available on a special order basis.


Features and Specifications:

Algae were some of the first organisms to emerge on our planet over three billion years ago. All subsequent life forms have depended upon these single-cell aquatic plants for their survival because algae generate 80% of the global oxygen supply. Being at the beginning of the food chain, algae are an incredible source of densely packed, broad-spectrum nutrition. Algae are approximately 60% to 70% protein, and unlike other plant-based protein, algae's protein is complete and is thus ideal for humans. Meat—the only other source of complete protein—is only approximately 20% protein. Moreover, because algae supply enzymes, their proteins are easily digested and absorbed.

Algae also offer a full range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, and possess the densest nutrient composition of any food. They are the best food source of beta-carotene and provide both the cis and trans forms of this important antioxidant as well as the less commonly known carotenes xanthophyll and zeaxanthin. Additionally, algae offer remarkable amounts of iron and vitamin B12, making them very beneficial in a vegetarian diet.

All our nutrient-rich Synergized Algae powders are harvested and processed according to the strictest specifications designed to protect their potency. Moreover, they all undergo extensive testing daily during the growth stage and after harvest to ensure that they are the purest, most potent algae available. The valuable antioxidant phytonutrients in algae, including carotenoids and pigments, are easily damaged by oxygen. To fully protect our Synergized Algae powders, we vacuum-package it in USDA-approved foil bags. In every step of algae production, from growing to harvesting to packaging, Synergized Ingredients continues to set unsurpassed standards for quality algae ingredients.

Pure Spirulina

Synergized Pure Spirulina is the most extensively tested and verified spirulina in the world, with organic, kosher, USP, HACCP, cGMP and ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications. Custom grown and processed exclusively for Synergized Ingredients, it was created over a two-year research and development project, resulting in proprietary growing and processing techniques that yield a 100% organic and nutritionally superb product with a very mild taste and easy dispersibility.

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