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Our grass juice powders are bursting with nutrition and energy, have a clean, mild taste, are completely soluble in liquids, and contain no carriers. They are ideal for a broad range of applications, including powdered drink mixes, tablets, capsules, food bars, functional foods and many other uses. Synergized® organic grass juice powders bring you all the extraordinary vitality of fresh grass juice in a powdered form at an extremely competitive price.

Impeccably Grown

Synergized® grass juice powders are sown in both early spring and late autumn on certified organic farms. The nutritional vibrancy of our grass is encouraged by supplementing the soil with rich organic vegetable compost and seaweed.

When spring and early fall arrive, our grass bursts to life and becomes a photosynthesis factory. The simple sugars created during photosynthesis are then converted to proteins, carbohydrates, and fats by the enzymes and minerals the plant absorbs through its roots.

Because temperatures are cool in the spring and fall, the grass grows slowly enough for this conversion to occur before what is called the initial jointing stage of growth. At this initial jointing stage, the nutrients and energy of the plant are redirected to seed formation. Our Synergized Grasses are all harvested just prior to this critical jointing stage, when the tender shoots are at their peak of nutritional potency, enzymatic activity, and chlorophyll content.

Harvested with Care

Our young grasses are harvested in the early morning, when the dew is still on the blades. They are then taken to an organic and kosher processing facility just minutes away, where the freshly cut young grasses are immediately cooled and juiced at 35°F to protect and preserve all the enzymes, chlorophyll, and other valuable constituents.

The Synergized Process

To protect against oxidation, our Synergized® organic grass juice powders are processed using a CO2 low-temperature juicing and drying process. They are then placed into oxygen-free, moisture-free packaging and placed into cold storage, with their bioactivity intact. On average, 30 kilograms of certified organic grass juice is concentrated into one potent kilogram of Synergized® Grass Juice powder.

Unfortunately, most other grass juice powders are processed and dried using standard methods, including conventional spray drying, which can damage and denature the enzymes, chlorophyll and nutrients with their high heat and oxygen exposure. In addition, grass juice powder is often diluted with maltodextrins (processed sugars) and other non-nutritive and cheap fillers.

Superior Superfoods

Grass juice powders are exceptional sources of protein and provide an ideal proportion of amino acids. Synergized® organic grass juice powders are also a rich source of essential nutrients, enzymes, and chlorophyll. They contain water-soluble vitamins and vitamin E, as well as copious amounts of vitamin K, beta-carotene and lutein. Additionally, since our grasses are grown in nutrient-dense, organic soil, their juices deliver a host of health-promoting, bioavailable minerals.

Our grass juice powders are packed full of bioactive enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD). These enzymes are naturally occurring complex proteins that spark metabolic activities in our bodies, support our immune system, promote better circulation and detoxification, assist digestion, fight off free radicals, and give us energy.

The Green in the Grass

Many of grass juice's known cleansing and healing effects are due to its abundant chlorophyll. Chlorophyll-rich greens have long been used for restoration of health and as blood builders. This is not surprising, as the chemical structure of chlorophyll and hemoglobin are almost identical, with one exception: Chlorophyll has magnesium at the center of its molecule, and hemoglobin has iron. Chlorophyll's ability to support the production of red blood cells is most likely due to this unusual similarity. Scientists have also found chlorophyll to be a powerful, yet gentle, detoxifier.

Digestible Grass Juice

While grasses in general are a remarkable source of nourishment, humans are not cows or horses. Grazing animals have long digestive tracts (and, in some cases, multiple stomachs) to break down the indigestible cellulose fibers and release the nutrients in grass. Unfortunately, humans cannot digest cellulose, nor can they digest fiber, so to benefit from all the valuable nutrients in grass, we need to consume grass juices. Only the juice contains easily assimilated nutrients.

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