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Our Story


Over 30 years ago and long before whole food supplements and the term “certified organic” were popular, Synergized® Ingredients (previously known as Synergy Production Laboratories) was already walking this path, born out of a heartfelt desire to offer something truly unique and missing in the marketplace, something that would have a genuine impact on the health and well-being of the planet and its people.

Our Story

With a long history of living and establishing our base in the beautiful redrock country of Southeastern Utah, our company roots run very deep in the natural world, inspiring us with its abundance and health-enhancing potential. And so we embarked on our journey to uncover the finest and purest methods for preserving the very best of what Mother Nature had to offer in order that it would be available for more people. This was no easy task and, in many cases, required the development of brand new, groundbreaking techniques that were not yet in existence. We also understood the absolute necessity of keeping the plant’s “life force” intact—appreciating that it was the “synergy” of the whole plant that endowed it with its special health-promoting qualities. We discovered that this required unwavering care and attention to the process, down to every last detail—from the special heirloom seeds we plant, the rich organic soil we cultivate and care for, our hard-working organic farmers who grow all of our plants, our uniquely developed harvesting schedule and techniques, our proprietary cold temperature drying techniques, our custom designed cold-milling process, all the way to our vacuum-sealed packaging and 100% cold storage. Even just one misstep and the essence of what makes the plant so valuable could be highly compromised, rendering the health benefits of the final raw material all but lost.

Our Story

Over the years, our enduring commitment to create exceptional raw materials has driven us to continue to research and develop innovative new processes, never compromising on our superior quality, never cutting corners, and always acting from a place of integrity. Perhaps that is why our customers from all around the world recognize that special something that distinguishes our Synergized® whole food ingredients from all others—from their rich colors and vibrant tastes to their purity, clean textures and genuine effectiveness. That special something can only exist because we do it all ourselves—to our exacting specifications—in our very own vertically integrated, organic facilities.

We invite you to learn more about our raw materials and what makes them so special. You’ll find that not only are we committed to making the finest whole food ingredients at the best value through our exclusive Synergized® Process at our state-of-the-art production facilities, but that we also deeply care for the planet and take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously.


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