Synergized Ingredients - Superfood Blend

Superfood Blend

Synergized® Superfood Blend: A proprietary powdered blend of 29 organic vegetables, fruits, sprouts, algae, mushrooms, grass juices, herbs, and enzymes


Features and Specifications:

Today's marketplace is literally awash in superfoods and superhype.

To succeed in this crowded and confusing marketplace, one must have a superfood product that consumers will purchase again and again. Such loyalty cannot be bought with marketing hype. It only comes when a consumer truly "feels the difference.” And that difference comes from having a genuinely potent and superior formula.

Synergized® Ingredients, recognized for over 20 years as the industry's innovator and leader in superfoods, offers an organic and kosher blend of 29 expertly blended ingredients that truly delivers a qualitative difference your customers will feel and taste. Pure, potent and perfectly balanced, our Synergized® Superfood Blend offers an uncompromised array of ingredients that are cultivated and processed to ensure the freshness, vitality, and bioavailability of their valuable phytonutrients and compounds. Expertly designed to serve as the "vibrant core" for your product, it will ensure the success of any superfood blend, organic food bar, meal replacement drink or alkalinzing cleansing product.

Our Superfood Blend Includes:


100% Organic Grass Juice Powders: As one of nature's most perfect and sought after superfoods, we use our exclusive low temperature-drying to preserve all of the potent, enzymatically bioactive compounds and valuable chlorophyll. We guarantee our super concentrated wheat and barley grass juice powders to have NO indigestible whole blade fibers, no maltodextrin, and no fillers of any kind.


Organic Berries and Fruits: Bursting with all the potent health benefits consumers are seeking, these rare cultivars of bilberry, blueberry, lingonberry, and apple are the real deal. Exclusively fresh freeze-dried and low temperature processed, they contain the highest concentrations of naturally occurring antioxidants and phytonutrients.


Organic Vegetable Juice Powders: To both supercharge and naturally sweeten our superfood blend, we add our highly concentrated, fresh freeze-dried juice powders of carrot, beet and tomato.


100% Organic Pure Spirulina Powder: Foundational to life itself, our exclusively grown, processed, and mild tasting Pure Spirulina powder provides one of nature's most concentrated source of cellular nutrition and phytonutrients.


Organic Green Vegetable Powders: USA grown and processed, our spinach, kale, parsley, collard, and nettles are all fresh freeze-dried to preserve their valuable and well documented beneficial compounds, including over 700 ppm of lutein in our spinach!


100% Organic Cruciferous Sprouts: Abundant research has identified cruciferous sprouts with their glucosinolates and sulforaphanes to be invaluable agents in the quest for health and longevity. We include a generous proportion of our heritage seed, freeze-dried broccoli, cauliflower and kale sprouts to provide the highest possible benefits.


100% Organic, Enzymatically-Active Medicinal Mushrooms: Our blend is distinguished by our world renowned, phytonutrient-rich mycelium of the finest Asian medicinal varieties. Our reishi, maitake and shiitake mycelium mushrooms are proprietarily cultivated with the utmost care and then painstakingly cold-processed to ensure the highest order of support to the immune system.

Vitamin C

Organic Acerola Extract Powder with 100% Natural Vitamin C: Your product can claim 100% natural organic vitamin C that's made by Mother Nature, along with the coveted FDA allowed statement of "contains antioxidant". We guarantee there is NO synthesized ascorbic acid from factories in China (or anywhere else!) in our blend.


Bioactive Whole Food Enzymes: To ensure all the power-packed phytonutrients and beneficial compounds are fully utilized by the body and to aid in their complete digestion, we add our very own vegan, whole food fungi digestive enzymes (amylase, cellulose, lipase and protease).


The above statements are for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should any claims made herein related to diseases or health conditions appear on product labels or in advertising.


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