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The Synergized® Process

As the old adage says, if you want something done just right, it’s best to do it yourself. And that is exactly what we do here at Synergized® Ingredients: we do it all ourselves to ensure you get the very best ingredients and products available.

While many other companies try to claim to have similar ingredients, the truth is the industry standard for raw materials (most of which come from China or other countries lacking in true quality and safety controls) routinely compromises the valuable phytonutrients, resulting in reduced purity, concentration, and bioactivity. Without these qualities, a product will be unable to deliver its full potential of health-enhancing benefits.

When it comes to producing our whole food ingredients, Synergized® Ingredients has gone far beyond the industry norm to develop its own set of protocols for each step of cultivation, harvesting, processing and storage. From the heirloom seeds of our plantings to the oxygen impermeable seals of our finished products, we view each component and each production step as part of a unified whole. And most importantly, we go to great lengths to exercise complete and caring control over this whole process.

Over the years we’ve developed dozens of proprietary processes and technologies to meet our rigorous standards of quality. This has meant making sizeable investments to build customized infrastructure to our exacting specifications.

The Synergized® Protocol

Synergized cycle

Our proprietary Synergized® protocol is what makes our super-concentrated, low temperature-dried, whole food ingredients the very finest available in the marketplace today. The big secret to how and what we do comes down to one simple, but very powerful axiom: 100% control. Our demanding standard includes certified organic heirloom seed selection, organic soil and plant cultivation, protected harvesting, proprietary fresh freeze-drying and cold temperature-drying, cryo-milling, Ultra Fresh Packaging, oxygen-barrier vacuum-packaging technologies, rigorous QA and QC testing, NOP and EU organic certification and kosher certification.

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